After multiple rumors, the Remake of Dead Space was confirmed during the past EA PLAY LIVE. Since then, EA Motive, developers of this title, have been commissioned to provide more information about the expected delivery. However, we will have to expect some time before seeing a new update, since The team no longer has something to share for 2021.

By means of a publication in Reddit, EA Motive gave us a new look at USG Ishimura, the ship where this nightmare is developed . Here we can see how the team is building this location to capture the essence of terror of the original game. In this same statement the following message was shared:

Everything we show was a work in progress, which means that we will work on things like Isaac’s costume, aesthetics and the atmosphere of ishimura. We are working to make sure that they have the proper level of wear.

We are going to be head down now working in the game, taking a while to review all the thoughts, theories and suggestions that all have shared with us. We hope to show you how they have helped to shape the game next year when we are more under development.

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Dead Space Update from Motive from Deadspace

So we will not see new game information in 2021. This means that events like The Game Awards will lack the presence of Isaac Clarke and this remake, but we will see more than the title in 2022. At the moment there is no one Release date for this new version of Dead Space .

On related topics, EA affirms that Dead Space will be more than just a remake. Similarly, the voice actor for Isaac Clarke is back for this project.

Via: EA Motive