As we have already reported, the developer EA motif has held a LiveStream at Dead Space Remake. In the presentation, you have shown an early development version of your new title.

As the studio has now announced, the team is very focused at work. So you still want to work on the suit of the protagonist and improve the aesthetics and ambience of the spaceship ishimura . On Reddit, they have posted a video that clarifies the effort to create the worn gears:

Dead Space Remake Developer Livestream

Dead Space Update from Motive from Deadspace

Also, you would like to look at and evaluate the feedback of the community.

The developers said, We take some time to evaluate all thoughts, theories and suggestions that they all shared with us. We look forward to seeing you next year to help you have helped to shape the game if we are further in development.

When exactly you can expect the next year news to the horror shocker, unfortunately is not yet known.