The Battle Royale Action Vampires currently available in the Early Access for PC (STEAM): The Masquerade – Bloodhunt is also published for PlayStation 5 before the end of the year, as known in the PlayStation Showcase 2021. On the PlayStation Blog explains Jaqub Ajmal by developer Sharkmob: Bloodhunt is a free playable Battle-Royale game from the third-person perspective and plays in the universe of Vampire: The Masquerade. The story takes you to the Prague Old Town, where rival factions of vampires after a pierced betrayal were overturned to chaos. A secret society known as ‘the instance’ has apart from both sides, so you have to use your supernatural powers, your weapons and your minds to the night Master and true the masquerade.

In Bloodhunt different clans occur. The vampires of the Toreador clan seem to embody everything that young and modern people strive, but all the talent and beauty are only the camouflage of a hunter. The Brujah are cruel visionaries and defiant rebels. Their solutions are often affected by their anger and lack of self-control. And then there are still the Nosferatu, who lurking in the shadows and always have their spies and agents where they were least expected.

Each clan is represented by two vampire architines types each having their own skills and forces, allowing a wide range of play styles. They are all masters of locomotion, so you can climb every building, defy gravity and attack from all directions. This will be able to make you even more creative strategies for unique fight scenarios.

Thanks to extensive customization possibilities, the players of Bloodhunt can create their own ultimate vampire. There is a variety of clothing, tattoos, piercings, jewelry, hairstyles, makeup and much more from different fashion styles and trends. Further cosmetic content is offered in the Battle Pass or in the Ingame Store.

On PS5, Bloodhunt targets a performance with 60 fps and fully exploit the dollensense wireless controller. The adaptive triggers should have different resistances depending on the weapon, so that you can feel the difference between the calibrers alone.

We also want to completely exploit the possibilities of the 3D audio to pull the players even deeper into the game. This will be an advantage even when hunting, as you will hear, from which direction screams, shots and opponents come.

Last but not least, we have to mention that the old town of Prague in Bloodhunt is incredibly detailed and offers many unique textures and 3D models. The ultra-fast SSD of PS5 allows us to realize our vision of a beautiful city.