On September 15, Ram Pressure leaves the Early Access at Steam. According to the developers, the game should combine the round-based battles in the classic XCOM style with a profound science fiction environment. In contrast to the work of Julian and Nick Gollop, the conflict is not limited to PVE, but also offers battles against other players next to the story campaign.

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The chosen scenario also becomes clear that the developer team
Quadcom Interactive influenced by Xcom: Through a meteorite tower in the solar system, wretch parts of an aliens spatial fleet came to the earth, including parts of space bases. In order to cover up these phenomenal finds and insights, governments send their elite-sölndertrupps to the crash sites in order to gain access to the extraterrestrial technologies in the race against competition.


ERLEVE Intensive Tactical Online Multiplayer Action.
Elbe a sophisticated action and a unique story based on both single player and multiplayer missions .
Verbesture your weapons and armor with a huge selection of 100 weapons and 10 weapons classes, including high-tech and alien weapons .
Set your characters with 12 classes and 160 skills together.
Zerstöre the environment for tactical purposes!
Freue yourself on process-oriented cards, day and night inserts and changing weather conditions.

At Steam, Ram Pressure has received only a balanced rating of users in the current Early Access at just under 500 reviews. The last feedback was mostly positive, which makes the full version quite hope.

Last updated video: Official trailer