As previously indicated, a new Chinese regulation restricts access to video games. Minors are now only 3 hours of game per week, without exception. And as if it were not enough, some companies well known in the Chinese game space, like Tencent, can only offer services online only at certain hours.

Blizzard Lied about the Tavern Pass..
Many had reasons to oppose these new rules – ranging from the belief that restrictions were excessive, arguments on how this would affect the wider market. If you were afraid it kills the scene of the Chinese game … You may want to reconsider. The policy does not even exist for two weeks, and yet cracks are already beginning to appear.

If the only way to track the activity of a player is to go through a player’s account … Why not create a pile, then rent them to anyone who wants a little more time behind a joystick? Tencent has already begun to crack down and pursue rental managers, but the effectiveness of these measures remains to be seen.

Methods for stopping the circumvention attempts of these rules are already put in place, including facial recognition software. This also has its workarounds, but you have to expect. What remains of us is a growing arms race between developers and end users, while everyone tries to surpass the other.

Like anyone who played against young children in PVP games can tell you, they will fall on their faces or destroy everything in their way. This unique mix of determination and free time makes the inevitable arms race between young players and businesses as particularly interesting Tencent. Whatever the state of the industry, people will always find new ways to play the games they love.

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