Valve talks about “the importance and substance” of the narrative of the upcoming shooter.

After a qualifying break, the dehaltenzeit__ The franchise is shortly before the comeback with the upcoming VR exclusive _breichworthy time: Alyx. This is reason to celebrate and for themselves, but there are some who are skeptical how important the game will be for the greater history in the series, not only because it is a VR exclusive title, but also because it A title is prequel.

According to Valve, however, this has no influence on the meaning of the game. In an interview with Game Informer, ease of half-life: Alyx_ The programmer Robin Walker assured that the game will be “a critical part of the greater history” and that it will promote this story in a meaningful way.

Endworthy time: Alyx is a full entry in the breichwertbeit series, both in terms of the sheer amount of content as well as the meaning and substance of their narrative compared to the rest of the series,” he said. “It’s a critical part of the bigger story, and it drives this story forward.”

When asked if this is a chance ease of half-life: Alyx_ At the end, there is the fans a kind of closing on the cliff hanger end of breigne time 2: Episode 2 – and conclude that we have been waiting for a solution at this time for over a decade Having – Walker indicated that this could only be possible – although of course he did not explicitly say something.

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“It is not a bad idea for players to have on the events of refreshed EPISODE 2 Before it starts ease half-life: Alyx_,” Walker said.

This is not the first time that Valve talks about the important debreichwertzeit: Alyx. You used to say that the game is positioned as the next big one debewertzeit entry, and that it will have as much content as enfebewwertzeit 2 did.

Deworthwertszeit: Alyx appeared on March 23. Countless new gameplay recordings have been released recently – look at this.

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