In the developer stream to Dead Space Remake we got to see in-game image material for the first time. Even if it is a pre-alpha build, the video offers a good first impression and shows where the developers want to go with the graphics and the atmosphere.

From The Creators Dead Space The Callisto Protocol 4K - 8K HDR 60FPS Trailer PS5 Xbox Series X/S PC

Comparison video emerged: Of course, some gaming channels have compared the material shown by Dead Space Remake directly to the original. For example, in a video of ElanlistadeBits, it becomes clear how many details really stuck in remake.

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Dead Space: Remake and original in comparison

Dead Space still looks good: If you have recently played Dead Space (also part 2 or part 3), it will probably be positively surprised how well the trilogy held. This is mainly due to the great Art Direction of Visceral Games, the original developers. So does the title do not remake?

Details make the difference: You have to say, but the remake is worth it. The many details that EA motifs already packed in the game already gives Dead Space a whole new style. All aspects of the game world that previously left the imagination are clearly recognizable in full detail.

This concerns isaac’s room suit on which each rivet and screw can be seen. The health gauge over the spine does not work like an LED strip, but like a glass tube with liquid. On the other hand, the setting, the USG Ishimura, has much more detailed and livelier. The floor is covered by smoke swing, which pushes Isaac to the side while running, and pipes and cables are leaning on the walls. The exposure was also revised and now donates a little more light without too bright.

There was otherwise in the developer stream to Dead Space Remake:

  • The Dead Space Remake finally misses Isaac a voice, but he should still hold his mouth
  • Dead Space Remake: Separating limbs should now be more fun now

Working not yet completed

The developers emphasize in the stream again and again that the work on Remake to Dead Space will attract some time. This also means that the already impressive optics will be further refined. For the release date, however, this means nothing good. An insider was last autumn 2022 for the launch pivoted by EA, but given the early version shown is probably more than 2023 or even 2024.

Dead Space Remake appears for PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC.

How do you like the look of the remakes to Dead Space so far?