A shooter traded as a battlefield alternative has long floats in the room, but could not convince all players at the start of the Early Access. With lots of feedback in the luggage, the makers behind World was 3 a long break break and are now surprisingly back – with a new trailer and several improvements.

World War 3 is finally back

Since October 2018 is the promising multiplayer shooter World was 3 in the Early Access phase. The realistic military shooter had made a stir, especially with damped Battlefield fans . The game combines a lot, for which the genre giant is known.

Especially through a currently missing Modern military setting in Battlefield, many had laid their hope in World was 3. Unfortunately, the shooter had a bumpy start and had to do a lot of criticism ** for bugs, performance problems and basic errors in the mechanics of the fighting.

But all this should be history now. In a update video , the developers of the Farm 51 are reported back and show that they have taken the wishes and criticism of the community. Look at the corresponding video about World was 3 best yourself (comment in English):

World War 3: That has changed everything

In the course of a complete realignment , also in relation to the Publisher, the shooter comes like a completely new game. Among the biggest improvements and innovations are revised maps with better navigation, exciting slaughtergrounds and nature-friendly scenes.

Furthermore, the weapons and their animations as well as mechanics have been polluted neatly. The target devices have also been adapted to modern standards.

A new, unexpected feature is a backpack , which allows you to quickly change gadgets on the battlefield. In addition, the movement possibilities have been properly expanded to enable a dynamic gameplay together with double sprint, sliding and climbing.

These and many further improvements await you in the future in World was 3. When the changes will go live, the developer does not reveal. And also the change from a paid to a free game should still leave some exciting questions about monetization.

_World was 3 shining with realism. The big inspiration Battlefield also has a lot to offer what this picture section shows: _

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