Dead by Daylight puts legs up their pairing and makes sure that all players are better, at least that’s the theory.

The pairing is one of the main criticisms of Dead by Daylight. It does not matter at what time of the last 5 years, complaints in this regard can be found in the subnetdit over and over again. Now Dead by Daylight is approaching exactly this problem and rewards frequent players with many blood points. We will reveal what is changing.

What has been the problem so far? Dead by Daylight has not had a good pairing until now. Until now, the only indicator of this has been the rank of the player. However, this only partially reflects a player’s ability and is more an indication of how much time you spend in the game. Because basically all players reach higher ranges sooner or later if they only play enough games.

Even so, many players felt that they were playing with or against the best survivors or murderers when someone had a red range, even if that barely says anything about their ability.

What will it change? As tried several times before, Dead by Daylight will introduce the pairing based on skills with the next patch. Then it is no longer the rank that decides against who you play, but a certain value that, as in many other games, represents your skills and changes through victories and defeats.

The different killers have a different pairing for each player.

Particularly interesting: you have your own pairing value for each killer. Then, if you are an absolute killer god with the trapper, for example, you will also serve you strong survivors there. However, if you make your first attempts to walk with the nurse and it does not take so well, you will also be assigned weaker opponents.

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Is the system really contributes something? At least that is what the developers affirm and have published some figures. They compared the latest tests with skills based on skills based on ranges and came to the following conclusions:

  • During the main season, 99% of the parties were considered adequately balanced, the possibilities of escaping (as a survivor) or killing (as a murderer) were +/- 25% of the average.
  • Better yet, 75% of the games were even within +/- 5% of the average.
  • In the old system, 99% of the Games had a deviation of 45% and 75% of the games still had a deviation of 25%.

You can find more information about Dead by Daylight here in Daylight:

  • A player has 200,000,000 blood points, but you should not be jealous
  • The murderer has no chance against such an ingenious team game
  • If Pinhead murdered you, he will take you out of the game!

What else do the ranges provide? The ranges will be replaced by the new ratings system. This works very similar to before, so you can receive pips and thus go up or down. However, ratings no longer have any effect on pairing.

But there is another benefit: with the restoration of monthly range (which becomes a grade reset), all players are restored to the lowest degree (ash). At the same time, each player is attributed to blood points, according to the level they obtained in the last season. To obtain the best range, there should be a whopping 250,000 blood points and, consequently, less if you do not go up so far away.

What do you think about these changes? Are these good innovations for Dead by Daylight? Or do you just think that the new classification system will work when you have seen it?