You must manage your inventory space in Stoneshard coherently . You can end up giving priority to healing objects, food and water more than you do not get loot in the dungeons, and It’s okay. You have to do it because the game backup system allows you to do so at specific places, so if you do not have it, your character will have trouble and healing also takes a little effort.

If you are afraid to keep track of all your objects, you can still use the chest by default inside the Osbrook inn. You can find it on the second floor of the building inside the largest room on the other side. When you are approaching the trunk, you can freely place all the objects you want to keep so that you do not take care of the inventory space, but you want to have your return. It’s good to put something out there if you think you will not need it in your current adventure, but you do not want to sell or lose.

You do not have too many options to expand your inventory space, although in the world. You have the opportunity to locate a backpack, but it’s further in the game. When you find it, you have to sacrifice him a place for clothes, and wears a small number of items. For those who need inventory space, it’s worth the extra space and the sacrifice for a single portable piece.

You will not find too much additional items to expand your inventory. An important feature of the game is to limit the available space of your character to make travel more difficult and to make management of health, food, water and vital elements of a character a challenge.