Finished gameplay there was not to be seen in yesterday’s developer stream to Dead Space Remake, but some concept ideas and background information. For example, we now know that the DEVs want to refine the existing system of the original in some aspects. But also to protagonist Isaac Clarke there were news.

Isaac Clarke speaks in remake

It is not that Isaac had no voice in the original at all. Similar to Link in The Legend of Zelda, we heard the protagonist posing, groans and screaming. These sounds contributed very much to the oppressive atmosphere, while the protagonist in its heavy, spreading on a futuristic knight armor, romped through the narrow corridors of the USG Ishimura.

Synchronizer returns: In Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3, Isaac Clarke got a real voice and had some dialoglines. This also gave sense as the successors told a significantly more cinematic history and introduced more characters. Many fans therefore compare Dead Space with Alien and Dead Space 2 with Aliens. Clarke was spoken in the original of Gunnar Wright, which was now back on board for the remake.

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Developers want to use voice sparingly: The devs at EA motifs know how important the atmosphere is in Dead Space. So you do not have to be afraid that Isaac is uninterrupted with yourself.

Two situations are called where the protagonist may open his mouth: if he is addressed and if it would be funny in certain situations, if he would not speak.

In the announcement teaser, we do not speak Isaac yet, but get an impression of the mood of Remakes:

More news about Dead Space:

  • Dead Space Remake probably gets new areas that were deleted from the original
  • Dead Space Remake will not repeat one of Dead Space 3’s biggest mistakes
  • Dead Space reboot should be ‘full remake’ and resident evil is the model

When will Dead Space appear?

The material shown by the developers does not necessarily hope for a timely release of Dead Space. In fact, the project could be further when we suspect. An insider source should have revealed that at least at a certain point of EA, a release was targeted in the fall of 2022. Whether the info is right and it really comes to it remains to be seen, because internal shifts are of course possible at any time.

Isaac Clarke with voice in Dead Space – what do you think?