Week 13 De Fortnite is here and for one of its legendary missions you will need Receive the message from Marigold of the Dead Drop . If you have completed the weekly challenges, since they have been out all the season, you already know the locations of the dead points of the week 2. Now, with the season coming to an end, it is time to go back with them to get the message . to mark one of the epic missions this week. Here is Where to find the MARIGOLD message in Fortnite .

Fortnite Locations Dead Drop – Marigold Message

To complete this challenge, you must return to Weeping Woods. We have marked the locations of dead drops on the following map:

All dead drops in watery forests

More specifically, you will find dead droplets in the following places:

  • On the north side of the Northeast Bridge of Weeping Woods

  • On the south side of the same bridge next to the wooden pier.

  • On the stump of a tree at the northwest corner of Weeping Woods, near the river and a lot of rocks.

All you have to do is go one of these three locations and interact with Dead Drop to receive Marigold’s message. This will then complete the mission and get 30,000 XP.

This search is not the only one related to the general history of the current season. The players will also find that almost all the legendary missions of week 13 involve us helping Slone in one way or another in their final struggle against the aliens. How will this epic battle be developed? With less than two weeks for the end of the season, we do not have much time to wait until we know and start a new season.

To get more guides about Fortnite’s challenges, be sure to check our wiki in constant expansion or see more of our game coverage below.

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