DEAD SPACE Remake Gameplay Demo NEW (2023)
Anyone who awaits Dead Space Remake Finales Gameplay in yesterday’s developer stream was disappointed. The horror game is obviously still in an early stage, and shown above all concepts and impressions. Nevertheless, we could take a lot from the presentation.

Gameplay gets update: So far we only had information about the atmosphere, the ambitions and the level design (in remake it should give new areas). The live stream finally brought us details about gameplay. It will probably not give a revolution, but the existing systems will be further refined.

How to work fights in Dead Space Remake

The well-known basic framework of Dead Space remains in the remake: instead of aiming in the head in most horror games, you have to go much tactical in Dead Space. If a monster lacks the skull, it does not die, but will only be angry and beats wildly around. Instead, your legs and arms have to disconnect to make the Necromorph’s harmless.

Even more depth: Also in Dead Space Remake you will distribute properly extremities on the USG Ishimura. However, the fighting should be tactical and disgusting, as the DEVs promise. For example, better technology makes it possible for you to recognize the health of an opponent on its wounds. If there is hardly any meat on the limbs, you know that the Necromorph will soon bless the temporal.

Speaking of meat, because you can now cut your opponents the meat literally from the bones. This is not just a health gauge, you also need more precision with cut weapons – because you must first expose the bone and then meet the same place to separate the limbs.

Here you can see the appropriate section of the stream:

Link to YouTube content

New functions for the weapons: The weapons are also revised. Already in the original every weapon had a secondary function, but in remake, but still opponent-specific effects are added. Depending on which monster opposes you, a fee can be paralyzed or cut through it, for example. This should move us not to play the entire campaign with the first weapon (the plasma cutter).

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When will Dead Space appear?

The material shown by the developers does not necessarily hope for a timely release of Dead Space. In fact, the project could be further when we suspect. An insider source should have revealed that at least at a certain point of EA a release was targeted in the fall of the coming year. Whether it really comes to it remains to be seen, because internal shifts are of course possible.

Do you wish you innovations for the Remake of Dead Space?