The Remake of Dead Space is still in a very early production phase, but there are already the first game scenes.

In the course of EA Play Live in July, Electronic Arts announced the Remake of Dead Space. There was not much to see, just a teaser trailer without any game scenes. Yesterday, however, the developers have organized a live stream and not only revealed some info on the new edition of the modern horror classic, but also shown first game scenes.

Where: game scenes here in this case something misleading. The project is still in a very early stage of development and the material shown comes from a pre-production build. With the finished game, the whole thing has to do very little. For example, the makers demonstrate in a test room as the separation of limbs of the Necromorphs looks like. The system should be significantly better in the Dead Space reMake than in the original. It is so precise and detailed that even the meat is separated from the bones in a hit. Technical basis of the game is the Frostbite Engine.

Away from the mentioned test room, the developers also showed a corridor of the USG Ishimura, the scene of the first Dead Space. While it is completely empty, but the gloomy light mood and smoke over the ground are already wonderfully transporting the atmosphere that has awarded the original. The team behind the remake uses the assets of the old game as a template for the design of the area and adds more details.

Although the remake will tell the same story at the core and have the same nuclear play elements, but what does not mean that the makers simply shine the old Dead Space in a new graphic gloss and otherwise remains unchanged. Probably the biggest change: Main character Isaac Clarke will not be a stumber protagonist in the new edition, but speak. However, fans of the series will not have to get used to a new voice: Gunner Wright, who has already set Isaac to Dead Space 2 and 3, takes over the role again this time. However, the developers emphasize that the ship engineer should only talk when he is addressed. Constant self-talks, which would certainly not benefit the horror mood, Isaac will therefore not lead.

The team also promises that the Dead Space reMake should not be a ballergy care. You want to stay true to the original in the way. Although the play fights an important role in playing, but are quite slow and in such a small frame to take place that Dead Space would never go through as a third-person shooter. You just always get to do with a few opponents, but are very dangerous for this and thus really represent a serious threat.

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With regard to the plot, the remake is supposed to keep what the template is told, but the developers want to deepen a few things. So the search for Isaac’s friend Nicole should play a bigger role. Last but not least, it should be said that the developers emphasize that there will be no microtransactions. Of which the Dead Space series is unfortunately not completely different, see part 3.