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Finally relief from PlayStation 5

After the new generation consoles moved from the mechanical hard drives to a multiple faster SSD, there was a familiar problem in front: The console s own storage space runs out of a lot of players before long. Where Microsoft was knocked up with Seagate with Seagate and brought up a further extension card with the console at the same time, the owners of PlayStation 5 had to implement only about 667 gigabytes. Sony named PS5 with so fast-paced Flash memory that its partner is not valid for any M.2 connector storage venue. To ensure compatibility, the Japanese manufacturer tested third-party SSD supply by monthly sales and after the closed Beethanda, in September 2021, the operating system update was officially published, which enabled additional SSD to all.

Milli skewed so it s in the eye …

Although the use of general standards opens up more opportunities, finding the SSD suitable for Vitos Pleika. Most M.2 hard drives are sold as such without any refrigeration element (i.e., so-called heatsink), so the user is responsible for installing the heat evaporation mechanism – or unused. In the published guidelines published by Sony, the details of the cooling structure have been told even to the precision of the tens of the mills. The exact dimensions are due to the fact that the additional storage space column found in console decorations is quite cramped and it should be placed on the cover of it. This is justified by the so-called negative pressure, which is intended to absorb the SSD with a glowing heat away with a Pleech s own fan.

The consolefin received the ADATA gaming brand, XPG, the Gammix series S70 model mark. It is about 180 euros at a price of one moment of the cheapest of the fourth generation of NVME M.2 plates in the capacity of the terabyte, which has a heatsink constant. It was known that the factory installed refrigeration rack is slightly annoying two millimeters higher than Sony s speeks. Therefore, the M.2 hatch cover could not be put back in place. It was not given to interfere, but it was trusted that the storage space remains sufficiently cool to heat the heatsink in the fierce stress.

Gammix S70 Blade, it s a scattering sister.

The XPG also has become a newer sister pattern with a blade adder with a lower-range and as such with PS5 – a cooling plate. Unfortunately, the Blade model at least at this stage seems to be available from Finland, and no instructions are known. In other respects, S70 and S70 Blade are technically identical. In addition to the version of one blade, both of them are available on two terabyte storage spaces with a slightly higher theoretical maximum speed. At the same time, the price is almost doubles, so a cheap Lysti a parish purchase is not.

cover off, hatch open

The installation of the additional space itself is not a demanding operation. The most essential is that the NVME PCIE 4.0 standard M.2 is used with a capacity of at least 256 gigabytes and up to 4 terabytes. And naturally, the console must first upgrade to the latest operating system version, or otherwise there is only an unbroken error message that can not get rid of the device by turning off the device.

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Opened and Additional SSD installed.

When the basic conditions are met, the installation will be handled within minutes, depending on how easily accessible to the console wires can be removed, and whether PS5 is a white shell pad effortlessly. If the console is for the first time in the console, it may be removed from the shell to require a little more power.

Endless Space 2 - 15 tips for new players
The first starting M.2 is initialized and its reading speed is measured. Gammix S70 exceeded Sony s 5,500MB speed clearly, and the measurement result was 6,260.5 megabytes per second. This still remains from the manufacturer to report a 7,200 megabytes of seconds. Plekka does not say anything about the writing cheese, but XPG s product information read has been multiplied by 6,800 MB / S. However, it should be remembered that SSD discs are not always running at a steady rate, but speed depends, inter alia, from the size of the file and even the temperature of the hard disk memory circuitry. This is clear, especially at the stage when the games are transferred from the station to another. From PS5 to Advanced SSD, Data aversion of 1.125 gigabytes per second. It s a very brisk ride, but far from the theoretical maximum. Back to the console by moving the pace slowed down to about 225 megabytes per second, which told that Sony restricts PS5 s own SSD write speeds programmatically. All the slowest was to cycle the PS5 game names to the USB storage mode for the cold storage and back to the game load on M.2.

PS5 data transfer rates from different storage space when moving to another.

However, the essential question is likely to be different from the use of M.2 SSD in any way from the console? In practice no. Whether it s about installing, updating, starting up games, or downloading the recordings, everyone went to the PS5 games as fast and smoothly. PS4 games were left outside the tests because they are more economical to install on a USB hard drive. Differences in the actual measurement results were the second tithing, which is almost random variation and measuring accuracy. The biggest difference between PS5 was 0.4 seconds toratchet & Clank: Rift Apartin startup, and the biggest profit margin for S70 came in wreckfest 0.5 seconds.

PS5 Games Charging and Starting times – Fastest Marked with Green.

Sometimes it but may be too big

On the basis of a two-week test period, it seems very strongly that there is no effect on the lack of m.2 position on the deck of the m.2 position. No actual temperature measurements were not made, but several hours in gaming sessions did not show any of the usual abnormalities, and the PS5 fan had to raise their rounds. And since S70 has a five-year warranty, no long-term potential problems have no reason to be afraid. It is still worth remembering even a couple of times a year to vacuum the steps of the plecities to retrieve the retrofitted SSD from the accumulated dust.

Small but still too big.

Although XPG Gammix S70 is suitable for PS5, due to its overcoming cooling element, it can not be reserved for it. Of course, if it is properly bold, the heatsink can screw out and replace with some lower. Such a fashion, however, will bring additional costs and possibly void the warranty. Varma is playing a favor directly to the Sainting Blade template or watch the supply of other manufacturers.

Youth League BVB does not succeed against sporting

Beşiktaş Jimnastik Kulübü (lit. Beşiktaş Acrobatics Club ), also known just as Beşiktaş (Turkish pronunciation: [beˈʃiktaʃ], is a Turkish sports club established in 1903 that is based in the Beşiktaş area of Istanbul. The club s football group is one of the Big 3 in Turkey as well as among the most successful teams in the nation, having actually never ever been delegated to a reduced department. It was the very first authorized sporting activities club in the country as well as among minority that got the right to birth the Turkish flag on its crest.
Its football team has actually won 21 organization titles including 16 Turkish Süper Lig, 3 Turkish National Division and 2 Turkish Football Champion titles. Beşiktaş is additionally the only group to have actually won the Süper Lig undefeated, in the 1991– 92 project. The group last won the Turkish Süper Lig title and Turkish Mug throughout the 2020– 21 period. Its home ground is Vodafone Park, a 42,590-capacity all-seater arena located by Dolmabahçe Palace. The arena has actually been thought about one of the best on the planet for area, layout, convenience, innovation, atmosphere and also transportation.The group additionally joins European competitors on a regular basis. Beşiktaş reached the quarter-finals of the 1986– 87 European Cup as well as displayed the very best Turkish group performance in the Champions Organization team stage by making 14 points as well as proceeding undefeated in the 2017– 18 project. Beşiktaş have actually additionally reached the UEFA Europa Organization quarter-finals two times, in the 2002– 03 as well as 2016– 17 periods. Based upon its UEFA coefficient, Beşiktaş is currently the highest rated Turkish team as well as is rated second all-time after its rival Galatasaray.
The club s follower base, Çarşı, is popular worldwide. They were chosen as the very best follower team in ballot conducted by American sports viewers as a result of their 132-decibel noise document at a 2007 suit versus Liverpool FC. The team is involved with sociopolitical reasons and also is traditionally considered to be working-class as well as left-wing, supporting what is understood as the people s group . The greatest ever football attendance in Turkish organization background was videotaped in a Beşiktaş-Galatasaray derby with 76,127 spectators.The club additionally contends in various other sporting activities such as women s football, basketball (males s, women s and mobility device), volleyball (guys s and women s), handball, athletics, beach football, boxing, bridge, chess, acrobatics, parasports, rowing, table tennis, wrestling as well as esports.

All Your History Are Belong To Us. EA Sports Part 3: Getting in the Game
After the start-up victory at Besiktas, the BVB was still a little hard at the beginning of the game, Sporting belonged to the early terminals. But then Dortmund found better in the orderly combination game and achieved former ball gains. The by far the best opportunity of a fairly eventless first passage awarded BVB attackers Fink negligent (23rd).

At the beginning of the second half, Skoglund had presentable possibilities on the one (46.) and again on the other side (50.), then the teams increased the beat number at least easily without any of the counterparties developed clear advantages. The better chances had dortmund again by Bamba (67.), Mengot (85.), and Fink (90. + 3), but BVB-Keeper Kirsch became twice against Travassos (74.) and Mateus Fernandes (79.) Flight parades forced.

After all, the draw was not undeserved, but the BVB in total but significantly closer to the crucial gate. In the group C table, the Westphalia are now equal to Ajax Amsterdam, which won in parallel game 3: 1 against Besiktas, in second place. For the direct meeting with the Dutch there will be on 19 October in Amsterdam.

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Is FIFA 22 too realistic Your opinion is clear

We from Meinmmo have made a survey at the start of the Early Access of FIFA 22: Is the gameplay too realistic? So your answer fell off.

What was the reason for the survey? Burden was the discussion about the statement of an E-Sports professionals of Ajax Amsterdam. Dani Hagebeuk was able to collect some impressions of FIFA 22 in the run-up to the releases as part of the 10-hour trial.

On Twitter, he wrote that FIFA 22 was too slow and that EA would pursue a realistic approach. This provided for heated reactions of numerous players who did not agree with this statement.

What exactly was discussed, you can read here: E-athlete complains about FIFA 22 – The game is too realistic .

Therefore, we also wanted to know that of you: how do you see that? Is FIFA 22 too realistic? The survey has been running since 25th September and many of you have participated. The results we show you here.

That says our community for Gameplay of FIFA 22

How did the survey fail? At the time this article was created, the survey recorded 2,177 participants (September 28, 14:37). We gave you three answer options on the question Do you find FIFA 22 too realistic? .

You have been with yes , no or I do not yet know answers, as the game was not available to all at the time.

Here is the result:

1368 have voted no (63%)
587 have answered I do not yet (27%)
222 My Yes , FIFA 22 is too realistic (10%)

Almost two-thirds of the participants are therefore of the opinion that FIFA 22 is not too realistic. In the comments, this is reflected.

What do the testers of FIFA 22 say? Especially the fast players are not so supervised. In FIFA 21, there were large debates around the role of fast players and how strong the focus of the gameplay loung at speed. High speed players dominate above all in FUT mode.

So we write about our reader Kiwo:

FIFA 22 is finally a title again where you have to play football and not only through pacen. I ve already played it and if you have fast players, then it is fast enough, without making your own or the opponent.

Even the goalkeepers seem to arrive well among the players. So the user Netubsenf writes: I also have to say that I like it much better than the last parts. The goalkeepers hold again quite neat and the KI players are properly free.

But even at the Keepers there are probably some discussions in the community: players wonder about criticism of FIFA 22: We did not want all the better goalkeepers?

The fear that EA will make some changes again after releasing are always there. Jan writes, for example, I really hope you do not break it. Currently I like it very much as it is.

Much of our FIFA community therefore seems to be positive the realistic approach of FIFA 22. Nevertheless, the concern is there that this approach disappears with upcoming updates.

It would not be the first time that the gameplay of a new FIFA offshoot convinces to start and then changed a lot after some updates.

More about FIFA 22:

Youtuber is already glitching in FIFA 22 to shoot light goals
FIFA 22: German Streamer pulls some of the best fut-cards before release – wants more
60-year-old coach is in FIFA 22 faster than his trained professional players – even EA celebrates the mistake

The discussions around the gameplay also show how different the FIFA community is overall. While some clearly prefer the realistic approach and demand for years, there is also a large share proportion that loves the fast and exaggerated offensive spectacle.

Especially with e-athletes, this approach seems to be more popular. But how do you see that? Did you participate in the survey? What is your opinion about the topic? Discuss with us further in the comments.

If you are also interested in the opinion of our FIFA expert Max crafts, you should look at his reading report: I have been playing FIFA for 19 years – so I like the new FIFA 22 in the PS5 test

The Walking Dead Spookhouse and Kannibalen

When did the Walking Dead have been the last time a spookhouse episode? Because different is the scenario in which Connie and Virgil are at a time, not to describe. After all, Connie has managed to escape the cave crash. The supposedly abandoned house, where you and new companions of Virgil are located, but does not look much more confident. More, Connie feels observed. Whether this is only because she has not slept far too long, as Virgil suspects? Or are they actually persecuted?

The Walking Dead: Killer-Kannibalen apart it on Connie and Virgil. Source: AMC Naturally, second, as it turns out when Virgil and Connie separate with their exploration tour through the house. However, there are no zombies that will charge you, but a group of cannibals who have been losing almost everything since the zombie apocalypse, which has once made them human. However, that makes them less dangerous how Virgil quickly experiences their own body. While he and Connie trying to flee from the house, one of the cannibals wound him hard. The two does not remain another choice: Conni rubs itself with zombie moons and lures the undead, which drift in front of the house. This creates it to leave the Kannibalen hostel. Not the only happy coincidence as it turns out, because a short time later, Virgil and Connie are discovered by another group survivor: Kelly, Magna, Carol and Rosita, who had discovered one of Connies and Virgil s stores and were looking for them .

The Walking Dead: Daryl and the Reaper

Daryl is meanwhile in others but no less dangerous location. The Reaper accepted him as one of them, at the latest after he tortured his fellow folded and the situation of Maggie s meeting point. Therefore, he, Leah and a few other Reaper will be sent out to make Maggie and Negan in their hiding place. Of course, Daryl does not want that. With some very loud whispering and other carelessness, he also manages to make Maggie and the others draw attention to the Reaper. The group flees and Daryl returns with The Walking Dead: Daryl and the Reaper on the way to Maggies. Source: AMC back the other to the base of the Reaper. There already waits Pope on her. He says that the prisoner told him everything. Whether Daryl s Scharlade is flown with it?

As long as the on the inside underlying scenario (how did the inhabitants of the ghost home were actually managed to become so animalize?) Ignored, is the sixth episode of the eleventh season of The Walking Dead an amazing good horror Sequence with some real nailboat scenes. Especially the circumstance that Connie is deaf, the creators of the episode have exploited very well. To fear that – and we mean that in the positive sense!

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Featured function for artist designers of the topic Unreal Engine 5 CEDEC 2021

Conference Cedec2021 for game developers held online in 2021. UNREAL ENGINE 5 Early Access Feature PART 1 , which explains EPIC GAMES s Unreal Engine 5 (hereinafter referred to as UE5), which has become a beautiful photorial representation. We will deliver the session part1 report to explain the features to be noted in the early access version of this engine.

This session is divided into part1 and part2, and this part1 is PART2 is the content for programmers at the contents for artists and game designers. The Lord is the Epic Games Japan Software Engineer, Mr. Kazuya Okada, Mr. Yasuto Sawada, Mr. Akasuho, Technical Artist, Mr. Hatsuya Saito, Mr. Yuya Shioya.

UE5, which started early access in May 2021, is planning to full release on the first 2022. Basically, the image in the article is also inevitably increasing the contents of the slide, but if you have an interesting feature, please be sure to attach it to the end.

The UE5 resources published at this time are four types of documents, sample projects, Unreal online learning, and frequently asked questions. Describes the update contents of the UE5 Editor UI before entering the main skin. If you appear in bullets, it will be below.

· Editor UI became flat design

· Add content drawer

Function to store tabs in the sidebar

· Display processing status at project startup

It became possible to execute console command from the lower left of the editor

Describe from the introduction of MODELING TOOLS, and explained that it will be a function that will touch on future BSP depreciation. This Modeling Tools is an in-editor mesh editing tool added from UE4.25, allowing mesh editing on the UE, and current UE5 is provided as BETA. Note that this tool is provided as plugin, as it is necessary to activate it.

Basic operations select the corresponding icon from the toolbar on the UE, select from the mode toolbar, adjust the parameters from the Modeling tab, and change the mesh on the viewport, and click Accept to apply. It is a series of flows. The save destination of the asset is stored on the content browser according to the set rules, and the save rules can also be changed. A description of Shape category for generating basic forms has been made.

QUIXEL BRIDGE integrates for Bridge. The original stand-alone application was combined and built into the UE5 editor. Use how to use bridge from the menu and only perform license authentication. It is a simple thing that can be placed by drag and drop selected assets. Download settings can select quality from low / medium / high / native and native to be suitable for UE5. We will focus on high speed layout by leveraging Bridge.

Debugging function Niagara Debugger is a system that can easily control the Niagara system on the level. Start Niagara Debugger and enable HUD to display on the viewport. You will be able to visually verify particle attributes (adjustment speed can also be adjusted). These features are not implemented in Early Access 2, but are implemented in UE5 main and UE4.27.

Subsequently, it is Animation Update. Motion warping is used in a scene that overcomes rocks in the UE5 Ancient Valley sample and supplements root motion. Root Motion is an animation character control by root bone, and smooth movements can be expressed without complicated settings on the game side. However, if used outside of the environment, movement can not be realized as intended.

The previous weakness can be solved by creating a root Motion of various patterns, but the number of involved elements increases as it increases. It is Motion warping that can solve these. This eliminates the need to create a large number of animations.

FBIK had a problem that it was heavy in the game, which was already implemented in UE4.26, and it was difficult to adjust from the multi-parameter. A new Full-Body IK that solves those problems.

Nanite is a function to handle a large number of vertices in rendering, and Lumen draws dynamic global illumination and reflection. Nanite will draw high-definition drawing with minimal data by data streaming with only the necessary amounts that are virtualization technology. On UE5, you can select Static Mesh and toggle activation and invalidation.

Subsequently, it is the progress of mobile development at UE5. Mobile Rendering has been modified at UE5, and the new Skin Shading model is comparable to the desktop, and the shading of eyeballs and hair hair is also replaced with new ones.

In addition to adapting to Android Game Develop Extension and can be directly debugged to Android terminals (also scheduled to be implemented in UE4.27), IOS and TVOS terminals can also be deployed.

The above was the content of the new function part1 for UE5. It can be seen that the animation adjustment function, ray tracing, and the introduction of the mobile version are centered and have powerful features at the early access stage.

On the other hand, it is anxious about how many functions do not work and the function did not work, and it is anxious about how much it has been resolved by the formal release. The continued UNREAL ENGINE 5 Early Access Feature Feature Total PART 2 is also planned to be released nearby, so please wait for readers.

Netflix s All natural Calamity Witticism Don t Search For Obtains New Clip New Release Day

Netflix has launched a new clip of Do not Look Up, the upcoming satire disaster movie from Adam McKay that adheres to 2 researchers who should notify the world that an Earth-destroying asteroid is coming. Netflix exposed this clip as part of Tudum, its streaming digital fan event.

In Do not Look Up, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence play astronomers who start a media tour to tell people regarding a meteor that s anticipated to collapse into Earth. Meryl Streep plays the Head of state of the USA, with Jonah Hill playing her Chief of Team as they– as well as the rest of the nation– intentional over what to do and even recognize if there s an issue. In the newly released clip, DiCaprio and Lawrence nervously obtain an audience with Streep as well as Hill, yet the administration can t be bothered to take the astronomers concern about a 100% assurance of disaster seriously. Rather, they promptly downgrade the circumstance s condition to stick around and assess.

Various other heavyweights in the set cast include Rob Morgan, Mark Rylance, Tyler Perry, Timothee Chalamet, Cate Blanchett, Ron Perlman, Ariana Grande, and Scott Mescudi Also Known As Child Cudi.

McKay, that has a lengthy history in directing screwball comedies such as Anchorman and Step Sibling, is continuing his touch of somewhat even more severe fare that he established with The Huge Short as well as Vice. McKay previously has claimed Do not Look Up obtains a trope from Jaws where the mayor denies the existence of an awesome shark, despite proof being all around him. In Don t Search for, people don t wish to believe the meteor is coming, even though professionals state it is.

We can t even speak to each various other any longer. We can t also agree. So it s regarding climate change, yet at its origin [Don t Search for is] regarding what has the web, what have mobile phone, what has the contemporary globe done to the way we connect, McKay informed Collider.

Do not Search for is due out December 24 solely on Netflix.

Battlefield 2042 Open Beta Well known leader reveals start date it starts soon

EA has not been expressed after the shift of Battlefield 2042 to the start of the Open Beta. Well, however, the cat seems to be out of the sack. The well-known Leaker Tom Henderson shared the starting data of the Early Access and Open Beta on Twitter.

The alleged release of the Battlefield 2042 Beta (Early Access and Open Beta):

EARLY ACCESS – 6 . October 2021
Open Access – 8 . October 2021

Where s the info? How Henderson writes on Twitter, EA has sent the data in an email to influencer inside and media. On October 4, a preview event / capture event will take place.

But consider: this is only a rumor. EA has not yet officially confirmed the beta data.

Link to Twitter content

Who can play the Battlefield beta?

Who pre-ordered Battlefield 2042, may play the beta earlier in the Early Access.
Who has an EA Play subscription or concludes, should also come to enjoy the beta of Battlefield 2042 earlier.
On the Open Beta can of course all players to participate in

10 Hour Trial: As a further bonus, EA Play subscriber can look forward to a free trial version of Battlefield 2042, which you can play for 10 hours and already before the official publication. The more or less free trial is available from the 12th of November, so a week before the official launch. All with a pre-order of the Gold / Ultimate Edition can also start a week before.7

Here you can watch a gameplay trailer to the shooter:

Release and all more info about Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 will be released on 19 November 2021 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and the PC. More info about Battlefield 2042 you can read in our great Access-Preview.

Are you going to participate in the beta?

Battlefield replacement military

Battleground 2 is a 2005 first-person shooter computer game, created by DICE and also published by Electronic Arts for Microsoft Windows as the third game in the Field of battle series.Players battle in a modern-day field of battle, making use of contemporary weapon systems. Battleground 2 is a first-person shooter with some technique as well as Tactical Shooter elements.The single-player facet functions missions that entail clashes between UNITED STATE Marines, China and the fictional Middle Eastern Union. The multiplayer facet of the game permits gamers to organize right into squads that come under the leadership of a single commander to promote synergy. The tale happens in the early 21st century throughout a fictional world war between various power blocs: China, the European Union, the fictional Middle Eastern Coalition (MEC), Russia and the United States. The video game occurs in various fronts, as the Center East as well as China are being gotten into by United States and also EU forces, as well as the United States is being gotten into by Chinese as well as MEC forces. A sequel, Combat zone 3, was launched in October 2011.
On June 30, 2014, the multiplayer master web server was closed down along with various other GameSpy-powered titles. Nevertheless, fan-created mods quickly brought back on-line functionality with different web servers. In 2017, Digital Arts demanded the takedown the modified variations of Battlefield 2 on alternate servers, distributed by a team referred to as Restore Network , as infringement of their copyrights.

The creators of the Shooters World War 3 traded as a battlefield alternative have retired for a long break. Now you are back with a general-overhauled game and shine with numerous improvements. In a new trailer, they also announce a large alpha test where players of the first hour in advance in the improved military shooter.

Battlefield alternative fights back

With a bumpy start into the Early Access, the developers of the Battlefield compared to Shooters World was 3 tidy criticism to listen to their game. But instead of throwing the whispering into the grain, the makers have taken feedback to heart and screwed hard on their military shooter.

Now the developers of The Farm 51 are finally so far, first players to grant access to the overhauled game. For this invite buyers the Early Access from 30 . September at 12 o clock to the 4th of October at 12 o clock to participate in a large alpha test.

With a brand new trailer Make Shooter Veterans The coming event to World War 3 tasty:

World War 3: That awaits you in the Alpha Test

If you belong to the players, the World was already purchasing 3 already in the Early Access, you can look at the following content in the improved version :

Plays in two modes on four different cards: Berlin, Moscow, Warsaw and Polyarny
Experience a section of the adaptation options of weapons and uniforms as well as the practical backpack function
Improved gunplay and animations for the previous version

If you do not belong to the selected owners of the Early Access version, you can be on 29 . September at 19 o clock in a livestream past the developer s youtube channel. There they also introduce progress and changes to the military shooter.

When the improved version will be available for all players, The Farm 51 does not yet know. Once the time has come, you will play the game for free. As in the future, the monetization of World was 3 appears, is not known yet.

From the 30th of September finally the general-overhauled version of World was 3 in a large alpha test. There, buyers of the Early-Access can get an exclusive insight into the shooter traded as a Battlefield Alternative.

Wow Five Rextroy videos he did not publish

WoW player Rextroy is known to find all sorts of bugs and funny interactions in the game that often lead to oneshots of a Horde player, make him immortal or worried about the 40 VS-40 class battles for entertainment. Recently, he showed us, for example, how to come to 2.8 million life points as a druid tank in Wow Shadowlands – and with Level 27.

But there are also video projects that officially never saw the light of day. Either other videos were more important, the time for a complete video was missing, or the implementation of a crazy idea was not 100 percent satisfactory. Five of these ideas can you look at the following.

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External content more in our privacy policy.

Level-30-Gnom Gank Level-60 characters in WoW Classic

For this WoW-Classic video, Rextroy had highly highlighted a Gnom rogue to use this to exploit the engineer bonus and defeat high-scale characters with items like the Gnomentode beam. The engineers combo did not always work and added a lot of damage to his villain. The potion consumption was high. Click opponents with a lot of armor (plate, chain) was also particularly difficult.

In the end, nothing was done from the video because Rextroy had planned a leave break, he also wanted to return to retail wow and went out the gold for the Combos.

Solo Shad har (BFA)

Wow: Five Rextroy videos he has not released (2) Source: Blizzard in BFA replaced Rextroy for several bosses that protective paladins with many opponents around them are almost immortal. He also tried at the Ny alotha-Boss Shad har. He even brought the boss in the end even to eleven percent life points. With a bit of min-maxing, a win may have been possible. Unlike other bosses, however, some adds caused more problems than other bosses, as they would harm other adds over time. The challenge was therefore also in the fight against time. In addition, at the time of recordings of the pre-patch for WOW (Buy Now 14.99 €) Shadowlands shortly before.

Auto-hit-oneshot without weapon

According to Rextroy, this video was simply not cool enough . Adds to collect and then defeating goals with a car hit, he had already made a similar form. You can watch the result in His Video Rextroy Oneshottet with Autohits. Unlike this video, he also had to get two buffs with a small duration within a short time, which complicated the whole thing. Also in this case also the pre-patch of Shadowlands faced the door.

Ashran Sidestrat Rush

In Ashran defeat the boss through the back door, has become a common tactic now. At that time in January – at the beginning of Shadowlands – the bosses were already very weak. Meanwhile you defeat the bosses even faster. So maybe this video was not so especially to publish it.

Invisible Mage OneShot (WOW Classic)

This invisibility combo with crystal sprinkling charge and Goblin-mortar in combination with an instantly knitted Pyrooslag was another Classic video, which has never been released for similar reasons like the rogue video.

Do you know the videos of Rextroy – and what do you like best?

Via Rextroy, Icy-vein.com

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FIFA 22 How to complete the objectives of the Advance Access Package

With FIFA 22 now in its early access phase of EA PLAY, players are busy building their Ultimate Team mode, opening packages and winning victories to build your dream team. One of the exclusive challenges that players can complete at FIFA 22 Test period are Objectives of the Anticipated Access Package .

In this guide, we will tell you what you should do to complete them, so that the reward can be earned.

To achieve FIFA Advance Package 22, you must complete all the Advance Access objectives, which can be found in the Objectives tab of the main screen.

Complete all the objectives of FIFA Advertisement Package 22

New Friendly Start (rare player package 100xp and 75 +) – Play 3 games at FRIENDLY live: A new start
Cooperative comrades (100xp and gold package (not interchangeable)) – Win 4 cooperative items in any game mode
Good finish (pack 100XP and two players (not interchangeable)) – mark a goal of delicacy in 2 separate rival matches
World Class Pass (Small Electrum Player and 100 XP (Not Interchangeable)) – Help use midfielders in 4 Squad Battles matches separated in min. Semiprofessional difficulty.
New recruits (pack of small gold players and 100XP (not interchangeable)) – Play 4 rival matches with an initial team that contains at least 3 players purchased in the signing market.

For the most part, the objectives are quite simple. The only ones who can get into trouble are those who require you to play games at Live Fut Friendly: New Beginnings. The requirements for this are that you have at least one Bronze player, silver and gold on your computer, and a maximum of five players rendered.

As long as you are not very interested in changing equipment, it will not be a big problem for you because you do not need to win the matches, you just have to play them.

Apart from that, the only other problem will be to earn four cooperative matches in future game modes. Be sure to consult our guide on how to play with friends, to help you mark this quickly.

After completing the five objectives (and claiming your rewards), you will receive the FIFA Advance Access Package 22 for your problems. This can then be opened from the Store page.

That s all you need to know How to complete the objectives of FIFA s anticipated access package 22 so you can redeem your reward. To get more tips, tricks and guides, go to our wiki or consult more information about the game below.

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