SplitGate has a shadowy one in the PC-Early Access for several years. Since the PS4 and Xbox One-launch of the beta, the portal shooter enjoys great popularity. The indie title wanted so many people playing that the makers have been full of both hands to ensure and provide the server structure.

Meanwhile, the up to 90 minutes waiting for matchmaking to happiness. But how is it going and maybe even a story? The developers are not averse to this idea and have some gross thoughts.

splitgate maybe gets a story that could work as at Fortnite or Apex Legends

What is Splitgate? Splitgate is a rapid multiplayer-first person shooter, which combines relatively classic arena shooter gameplay à la Halo or quake with a twist, which else is nowhere else: you can shoot in splitgate portals and shoot Go through this and shoot. This opens unimagined possibilities, ensures massive brain tunnel and brings a lot of fresh wind into the genre.

Story elements could come: In a question of questioners, the splitgate makers have granted some insights behind the scenes. Among other things, they respond to the question of more story content and then whether Splitgate may eventually even get a singleplayer story. Although there is no cancellation to the story campaign, but the answer focuses on another possibility.

As with Apex Legends? The Splitgate makers of 1047 games bring battle royal titles into the game instead, in which an overarching story develops without a campaign. Like us, they probably incorporate Fortnite, Warzone or APEX Legends.

A model that starts a new Season every few months and runs with a story trailer is not so popular in vain. At the same time, with the Season and a Battle Pass, new gameplay elements, maps or changes can be introduced and of course new characters or weapons.

That would be very cool according to splitgate developer 1047 games. In the same breath, however, it is mentioned that this should take for a while, if it comes at all as far. Currently, busy new people would have to be set, among other artists, managers and many more.

So Look forward to not too early . But at least there is the possibility and the creators are not averse to such ideas, on the contrary. At the same questionnaire also became a ping system (would be very helpful and also super cool, but was not explicitly announced) and Next Gene features for the PS5 and Xbox Series S / X (should come, but here there are there No details spoke).

How do you do it, if such a story would be implemented? `What do you still want for splitgate?