Raz wanted to become a psychonaut. His exploits at the Roc-Qui-Murmur camp and in the rhomb of the ruin have opened this path forbidden by his family. Here is this child of Saltimanks now trainee, eyes full of stars while he discovers the megalobe, base of all the operations of this spies group of the mind – but the story does not say whether it will be paid In visibility. No question of dreaming too long. The master of the places, Truman Zanotto, whose kidnapping was aborted, stays in the coma. It must always be discovered who has sought to harm him, why, and once again try to lift the veil on a conspiracy that seems to go back to ancient times. For that, there will be no thirty-six solutions: it will have to explore brains.

Once past the first moments helping to get back into the bath with a re-acclimation internship Dentesque, _ Psychonauts 2 _ reveals its true nature: a sequence of the 2005 game without disorders of memory. Nothing has really moved compared to the original, and if you have discovered it or restarted recently (it is present in the Game Pass since last May, do not deprive yourself), you will find your marks easily.

a teeth adventure of Psy?

The heart of the game remains the exploration by gaming platform in platform. No surprise or upheaval – except for the environments we’ll talk about later. Lively, reactive, easy to handle, although a little rough, the psychic acrobat Raz has the same pallet of movements, or almost, with jumps that can be doubled, rebounds on the walls and other galipettes in S ‘ Hanging with flanges, improvised trapezes, bars, vegetation, or grinding on rails. It would not have been recoked on a little tolerance in the face of minor inaccuracies, sometimes due to a hazardous replacement of the camera, or when the hero too close to a rim donated directly instead of titulous for a moment to give us the time to catch up. Similarities does not mean geomely: the moments of frustration, if they always exist in the eagerness, are much less numerous. The circus wound of meat can close.

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Psy, Mom, Psy

Of course, because one embodies a psychonaut, an explorer of thought, we access other ways to move or reach areas prohibited by the common mortals. In other words, a lot of powers. The basis of the first component returns with little change. It will be noted that the telekinesis is for example more friendly and intuitive, with an automation of prehension and targeting, way control. Psy shot, pyrokinesia, levitation and clairvoyance are there. And everyone has his role to play. Simply assign a key of the slice when desired, without pressure, a pause being immediately applied. Three new ideas are added to the mixture: the mental connection, the temporal bubble and the projection for respectively clinging to floating thoughts, slowing an enemy or an object and create a double paper that can go through fine inputs.

To go around all that there is to find, God knows that all these capacities will have to appeal. And do not hesitate to make them progress, improving his rank of Psychonaut. The means for leveling up are numerous but, to summarize, we must mainly put the grapple on hundreds of items (bribes, treasures, half brains, emotional baggage …). Go through the shop too. The Level Design does not try to challenge a 3D Mario, but it will advance the good arguments to push you not to let the slightest dead angle pass or ignore some markers. And the contribution of equipment, the thoughts tuner, unlocked at the same time as the camera, to poppoint mental connection channels will add an option, one as a dive won by an appended quest. Tips: Do not neglect the concentrated leap and do not forget that a good fire generates an upward current and therefore … to rise.

BALEZE is not worth it when you have in the brain

We will not forget that these skills are employed for other purposes. Traveling in the unconscious is to enter a hostile territory, filled with creatures that gnaw from the psyche of their host. We often fit. The censors, in different forms, are joined by other types of negative thoughts, such as ill-ideas explosures, ruffles regrets or the armed judges of their hammer and facilitators, regenerating and protecting their small comrades. More variety than in the first component, it is certain, especially since it is necessary to juggle between the powers according to the profiles which gives sure a little punch.

Nevertheless, we will still find the part action a little light. If it moves faster, the shots still lack impact and we often feel injustice to lose lifestyle even as a dodge has been successfully launched. Necessary to bring rhythm, but probably deemed secondary, except at Boss Fights globally fun, the Baston part can squarely be facilitated at the extreme or even ignored in the parameters or using badges not so expensive – accessibility, One point. Which tends to demonstrate that there is another intention from the beginning: let everyone benefit the maximum.


Let’s talk a little about these levels in which Raz will train its gaiters. It is no less than four hubs in the real world and thirteen courses in the astral plan that await it. There is surface to cover and discover. In fro and through. Being all the time for the cuffs of what you can pick up – Once the campaign is over, we can go back everywhere – but especially the incredible job shot down for double fine we can embark on quite unique delusions. Where most platform games tighten the worlds of fire, ice, water and other spin themes, _ Psychonauts 2 _, as its elder, digs the brain with environments Fools.

What games make you enter a giant bottle and then go through congested kitchens and finish on the wedding room? Go get the pieces of a sick mind in a bowling and a hair salon? Cooking ingredients living in a television show? Put into pieces a scenic cruise IT’S A SMALL WORLD with a political background? Change perspectives, angles of views, frames in a snap of fingers? In short, how much tries the improbable mixtures of ideas, surrealism and bizarre as brilliant, with an artistic direction and music (between espionage movies and flights to the John Williams) at the perfect execution? Living as a polychrome hallucination, _ Psychonauts 2 _ Do not do anything like the others, goes in unexpected directions, often surprises us, and that’s what please.

life in reset

Platform mix, exploration and action that could be judged classic and a little too accommodating (count a maximum of about fifteen hours to buckle it, without really sweating, having a little fabric, and add five Additional dial towers for 100%), as its predecessor, _ Psychonauts 2 _ Put another aspect in the scale. Where most games of the genus leave a small door stolen from the narration, it leaves it the right to go through the entrance of a hollywood boulevard cinen one night. The star is the script. When the dad of Day of the Tentacle takes care of coal, the trip is necessarily good. Tim Schafer’s talent is no longer to prove. With his teams, he managed to concoct the perfect suite. Understand that, in addition to linking the progression and the general course to its plot, it has made it terribly charming, not to say irresistible.

The universe, so foufou be it, is consistent. The story stands well. The characters are endearing, the relationships that some people maintain dreams. Even poorly exposed NPCs can in a reply lead to a frank and tenacious smile. Funny, moving, intelligent, double fine baby treats, sometimes underground and always adroit, subjects like the difference, dependence, loneliness, personality disorders and what we are ready to do Love, obviously. A game on empathy and healing prevent developers. No lies. _ Psychonauts 2 _ Do good. Talk to your doctor.