Hoʻoponopono (IPA [ho.ʔo.po.no.po.no] is a Hawaiian technique of settlement and mercy. The Hawaiian word equates into English just as correction, with the synonyms manage or oversee, and the antonym reckless. Similar mercy practices are executed on islands throughout the South Pacific, including Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti and New Zealand. Traditional Hoʻoponopono is exercised by Aboriginal Hawaiian healers, usually within the extended family by a household participant. There is likewise a New Age practice that goes by the same name.

Memories of the Lost (Main Title) - Endless Space 2 OST [Demo Version]

After the last extensive update of the Early Access version, Rockfish Games has released a new demo to Everspace 2. This demo version is no longer based on the outdated prototype, but on the current Early Access version. Interested test pilots can play a part of the first star system in the demo (download on Steam). Try out the first five main missions, two additional inserts and infinitely many random encounters in the first sector of the CETO system. Scores from the demo can be transferred to the Early Access version. However, the demo levelcap is limited to Level.

_ As a completely self-financed, independent veteran studio, maximum transparency faced with our fans has always been the focus of our communication. As always emphasized, we have a very strong vision for our game and our team puts all its energy and passion in the development of Everspace 2 to provide a truly unique gaming experience in the highly competitive Space genre. We are unchanged to all our promises we have given in our Kickstarter campaign and alone we want to measure ourselves _, says Michael Schade, CEO and Co-founder of Rockfish Games. _ We are also aware that the development of a spectacular space game based on various inspirations of iconic space shooters as well as some of the most popular Open World ARPGs and Looter Shooters can sometimes raise expectations that are far above our budget and our possibilities as indie studio with about 20 developers and a handful of extremely talented external development partners will go out. Although we have already organized over 90 weekly gamedev and community streams on our Twitch and YouTube channels, in which we always have the latest state of development Show live in action and answer burning questions of our community, we understand that for some hardcore space sim loants, some technical details that you want to experience yourself before you make a purchase decision. We have therefore determined to publish a completely new demo, which is 100% on the current Len Early Access version is based so that everyone interested space pilot can really jump into the cockpit to test our work without obligation. _

In addition, the developers give a mini-view of the next content update (Khaït Fog):

  • _ In the fourth star system, Early Access pilots will make the acquaintance with various new and sometimes already known alien forms of life. So pilots of the early Everspace 2 prototypes can look forward to the return of popular shadow creations, in which mating you have to help, For what you thank you in case of success with valuable resources ._
  • _ In addition, a variety of space stations and special locations in the Khaït fog, where partly acquaintances are combined with new gameplay elements to offer self-experienced pilots new challenges, without completely overwhelming less experienced players ._
  • _NEVE the increase of the maximum player level and a set of new player perks will continue in the autumn update also the campaign by a few chapters. This will not only reveal new essential secrets in the Everspace Universe, but Adam Roslin and his companions also face a hard test that threatens their common cause due to contrasting personal interests. _

Every Friday, the Everspace 2 team shows new content from the game from 20:00 to 22:00 on the Rockfish Games Twitch and YouTube channel.

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