Early access, likewise referred to as early financing, alpha accessibility, alpha beginning, or paid alpha, is a funding design in the video game industry through which customers can buy as well as play a game in the numerous pre-release advancement cycles, such as pre-alpha, alpha, and/or beta, while the developer is able to make use of those funds to continue further development on the game. Those that pay to take part commonly help to debug the game, offer feedback as well as recommendations, and might have accessibility to special materials in the game. The early-access method is an usual way to obtain funding for indie games, as well as might likewise be used along with other funding devices, including crowdfunding. Several crowdfunding jobs guarantee to use accessibility to alpha and/or beta versions of the game as growth proceeds; however, unlike several of these projects which get funds yet do not yet have a playable game, all early access games offer a promptly playable version of the unfinished game to players.

The year 2021 is half rum, but already some new and interesting MMORPGs were released. We from Meinmmo introduce you to the previous games and give a view of the rest of the year.

What are that for MMORPGs? The games in this list are titles that are published in 2021. However, you must have had a full release or publication in the Early Access. We did not record title in an alpha or beta.

At the end of the list, you will also find outlook on games that should appear in 2021 after the current state.

The article was created by the MMORPG expert Alexander Leitsch, who has already played all these titles for at least 20 hours.

The article was originally written on 17 July and finally complemented on August 28 with information about the release of Bless Unleashed and the new release date of New World.

Wild Terra 2 (Early Access)

Setting: Fantasy | Developer : Juvty Worlds | Platform : PC | Release date : January 28, 2021 (EA) | Model : Buy2play

What is that for a game? Wild Terra 2 is a sandbox MMORPG specializing in freedom instead of quests and a linear story. So everything revolves around content such as crafting, Housing and PVP against other players.

The game does not offer classes, which is why you can only choose between sex and a few optical characteristics in the character creation.

The game is played in an ISO perspective in which you can move with WASD or mouse clicks. A first insight into the game will give you this gameplay trailer of the developer:

What is the special thing about it? The basic principle reminds Wild Terra 2 on Sandbox MMORPGs like Black Desert or the fractured in development. However, there are also a few characteristics:

  • You can build in the open world and so with other players together can build a huge city
  • There are dungeons with interesting endbits, which is not as usual for sandbox games
  • The food system is interesting as it ensures that you are balanced with cereals, fish, meat, fruits and vegetables.

How does it happen since the release? Wild Terra 2 appeared in the Early Access on Steam, but there could be no properly large number of players. So to release in Peak 1,244 players watched the MMORPG at the same time. On average, in February 2021, almost 700 players were online (via Steamcharts).

In recent months, the player numbers went down and stronger. In the last 30 days, average only 121 players were online.

Players rate WILD TERRA 2 at a total of only 55% positive (at 586 reviews):

  • Praise is available for the many freedoms, the crafting system, the dungeons, the community and the fact that there are PVP, but that is not full-loot, so your created equipment does not lose.
  • Criticism On the other hand, there are technical problems, the high grind and the fact that there are PVP everywhere.

If you want to play Wild Terra, you must currently pay 29.99 euros at Steam. The complete release should take place according to developers at the end of 2021.