The beautiful multiplayer roleplay Book of Travels has announced that it will move the start of the Early Access on Steam. The decision came due to the many feedback that the developers collected during the beta tests.

This was announced: In a community post on Steam, the developers have communicated that the Early Access by Book of Travels is postponed. The TMORPG, ie Tiny Morpg, was originally published on August 30, his Chapter Zero and be playable for pre-order.

During the closed beta, the developers received a large amount of feedback and reports from the testers who have moved the team to postpone the Early Access.

We want to deliver an Early Access to which we can stand. But believes us if we say that this decision not fell slightly and we understand the disappointment of all those who could not expect to immerse this summer in the game. At the same time, however, we believe that we are the game, ourselves and, above all, they owe that Book of Travels will meet our standards.

Developer Post on Steam

With the Early Access, the actual release of the game moves backward, as the developers are planning to run the Early Access for about two years.

Why is the game moved? A concrete reason does not give the developers. It just means that abundant feedback and messages entered, because of which a shift seems to appear sensible.

What is the new start of the Early Access? There is not a new appointment for the start of the Early Access yet. The team does not want to get out of a precise date before they are not sure that they can comply with the new deadline.

How can I sign up for the Early Access? If you are interested in Book of Travels and absolutely want to be with the Early Access, you can do that by supporting the game on Kickstarter. However, access then starts only from the The Secret Cultist -Predge, which is about 85 € (via Kickstarter).

The rewards for the money are of course a lot more extensive than just the Early Access. So you also get Ingame Items, Artworks, a Digital Lore Compendium, the Complete Soundtrack and a Whole Mode of Next Bonuses.

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An unusual multiplayer RPG without chat

This is the focus of Book of Travels: The small multiplayer game is characterized in that it attaches great importance to the roleplay. Your character is in the game on a journey to explore the ingame world. There will be no tutorials nor other help. The players have to find out everything themselves.

You can not communicate with normal language in the chat. The chat is missing in Book of Travels. Instead, communication with other players non-verbal takes place via emotes. Similar to you may know that from the Mobile and Switch Game Sky: Children of Light knows.

In this way, players can not randomly go out-of-character by entertaining themselves normally without staying in their role. That’s why it’s important in Book of Travels to learn new emotes. You can better interact with other players and convey information to them.

As the non-verbal communication and the artworks suggest it, Book of Travels will be a quiet game in which you can easily drive and enjoy the landscapes.

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