A sorcerer at World of Warcraft discovered how to become immortal, and with that explored the whole world, beyond exhaustion.

What happened? The Wow Rextroy player has published a video in which he shows a special circumstance in Azeroth. That is, he has found a way to be almost immortal with the sorcerer of him. Every 2 seconds he is cured by almost 40,000 life points, which restores the maximum of HP of him every time. That basically makes it immortal.

How does this work? The error lies in the medium cumulative vitality of the sorcerer. According to the description, the medium ensures that the sorcerer is cured in about 65% of the value removed by the spell over the course of 9 seconds after the use of chupasangres (drain life). However, the medium is defective and, on the other hand, it restores 65% of the value every 2 seconds.

This can be combined with the fact that level 60 spells do much damage to low-level objectives. When a level 60 character spends the life theft of a level 1 creature, it not only inflicts 300-400 damage, but almost 200,000. The popular frogs are reused, with which Rextroy has already made many tricks in other videos.

This, in turn, ensures that the sorcerer is completely healed every 2 seconds with the medium.

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What did he do then? First, Rextroy, as usual, used this circumstance to adequately annoy some Hordler. Even when three, five and later ten enemies hit him, he can stay alive for a while with this trick. He only becomes critical if he is anesthetized or interrupted for more than 10 seconds at a time and, therefore, he can not use the chupasangre in the frog.

But he becomes even more exciting later, because Rextroy takes a second thing with this massive self-catering: he can not die for exhaustion damage. Where other players lose 20% of their life points every few seconds when swimming in the sea after a while, he can simply heal himself infinitely and thus deny completely the damage.

That allows a lot of exploration. So he reaches the end of the world several times, he discovers vast areas in the ocean and even reaches the lines of death where he dies immediately if he crosses them.

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As usual, Rextroy informs Blizzard of such errors and problems with individual skills before publishing the videos of him. Therefore, it can be assumed that the error will be solved in a few hours, so it is no longer possible to exploit this error as well.

What If You Become Immortal Forever?
What you think? A great performance and a great vision of places to which otherwise you would never reach normally? Or a total and prohibited trap?