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Coffee Stain Publishing and Iron Gate Studio will publish Hearth & Home, the first major update for Valheim (Early Access), September 16, 2021.

In addition to new building parts (windows, dark wood materials, raven decoration), extensions for the cooking station (spice rack, butcher table, pots and pans), other recipes and the new food system, you will soon be in full and not so good in Update 1. Hydred stacks. All other bags or inventories can be deposited in new treasure chests and pasted behind iron gratings.

With Hearth & Home, the food system is revised. Thus, food is generally divided into three boosting categories (health, stamina and a mixture of both values), making the choice of food more important depending on the game action (building, fighting, exploring etc.). If you are fighting a lot, you should continue to put on Stamina food to share a lot. Who plays rather defensive (tank), should eat health food because the block value will be based on the maximum health value soon. In addition, the health should be connected directly to the new Stagger bar (right next to the Viking). This bar indicates when your own character is stunned or stunned by attacks. In addition, the duration of the food effects is clearly visualized. A numerical value is also recognizable on the standard bar. Tower shields should be significantly improved (keyword: recoil) and better suitable for the defensive style of play, especially if you fight against several opponents.

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